Booze-Free Peach Collins

We're dusting off the old grill around here, and that means it's time for entertaining.  I'm trying to expand my booze-free repertoire to accommodate all of our guests, and this is my take on a virgin Peach Collins.  Mighty refreshing!

Booze-Free Peach Collins

(per glass)
1/2 really ripe peach
1 Tbls simple syrup (recipe below)
ice cubes
Tonic Water

1) Cut peach halves into 4 pieces, removing skin.  Put in bottom of glass and crush with the back of a spoon until you've good and juiced the little buggers.  Add simple syrup and ice.  Fill with tonic water.  Stir and serve.

Simple Syrup

Boil equal parts sugar and water until dissolved.  Store in a bottle in the fridge for up to two weeks.

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