A Wee Organizational Project


Ok, so this is something I've been wanting to do for about a hundred years.  I was given a magnetized pen holder waaaayyyy back, and despite the fact that I never really liked the way it looked, I have moved it all over tarnation because there was just no denying it was practical for holding grocery list pens.  After scouring pinterest for ideas, I finally rummaged through one of those junk drawers that we all seem to wind up with despite good intentions and New Years resolutions, and came up with my own solution.  And my solution happens to hold a bottle opener. Handy!

Refrigerator Pen Holder

1 glass spice jar (available at just about any import shop for pocket change if you don't have one filled with a spice you could sacrifice without tears)
1 domino sized magnet (available at home improvement stores)
super glue (read back to make sure it works on glass)


Can you guess the directions from here?  Okay, I'll try to make this simple:

Good and glue that magnet onto the jar.  Wait until glue is rock solid, in my case, about a day.  Presto! Done. 

And if you bought a nice strong magnet, you can stick the bottle opener (my mom calls it a church key.  Does anyone else see the irony in this?) right on the side of the magnet.