Friday Morning Pastries

I consider myself very fortunate on the occasional Friday morning when I have the chance to steal away to a sweet little Patisserie not far from home and enjoy a cheese crepe or a butter croissant. This morning was especially luxurious... I had both and shared them with my favorite little girl.


Rainy Day

What more could I ask for on a cold and rainy day than a new pair of slippers and a cup of tea from my favorite tea shop in Paris?


Spinach-Artichoke Souffle


Soup for a Cold Winter's Day

Need I say more?

Just Can't Get Enough

I'd like to say that the winter makes me drink more coffee than usual, but it just isn't so.


Please Forgive Me

I just couldn't help myself. I had to take a bite.


Love affair with vegetables

It's early February and something has happened in this typically frozen solid world around me. The snow has melted. The sun is shining and I'm thinking about spring and all the wonderful fruit and vegetables that will soon be gracing the farm-stand down the street. I cannot wait.


Salmon Salad with Honey Mustard Balsamic Dressing

When I spotted the words "Sockeye Salmon" in the freezer section at my local market, I couldn't help but think of early fall days of my childhood in the Pacific Northwest. In numerous rivers and shallow pebbled streambeds, I remember watching the bright red backs of these fish as they labored upstream on the way to spawn in the lakes of their origin.

I had to take some home, and broiled it up with salt and pepper and threw it into a salad of mixed greens and dried cranberries, all covered in this delightful dressing:

1 Tbls dijon mustard mixed with 2 Tblsp honey
stir in 1/4 cup balsamic dressing and finally 1/3 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Balsamic Chocolate Truffles with a Hint of Cherry

For the recipe and more of my truffle images, go to http://www.designspongeonline.com/2008/12/in-the-kitchen-with-kristine-sitko.html#more-16238

Blackberry Cobbler

In my family, blackberry cobbler is a sacred late summer tradition which finds us all donning gloves and boots for an afternoon of berry picking in the back field. While the scent of cinnamon and baking oats fills the house, we pull out the favored crystal dishes and silver in anticipation.